Microsites: How and When to Optimize Them

Customers are searching for more focused content than ever before. Where once a web search for clothing could return a whole tapestry of suggestions, people are willing to search precisely for their niche style of clothing. Businesses are constantly responding to trends and business requirements to improve their infrastructure, particularly when it comes to inventory management and timely shipping. One of the ways that MGG Digital has responded to these demands is by providing innovative solutions that are built around our clients’ needs. We don’t offer an SEO package, a website design package, or a social media content package independent of each other. Our goal is to help you create a digital ecosystem of your own that includes strong search engine optimization, a well designed website, engaging content, and an ability to navigate the complexities of a vast digital network. 

One such powerful resource that can assist companies with building an effective digital marketing strategy is the “microsite.” Instead of adding updates to your single company website, MGG Digital will design a customized microsite specifically for your business. Our custom microsite solution elevates focused marketing to a whole new level, allowing you to focus on the things that matter to your business: amplifying brand visibility and driving engagement. MGG Digital’s cutting-edge solution is there to help you unlock new possibilities for growth and success.

What Is A Microsite?

During the pandemic, microsites saw a surge in their usage from pretty recognizable names such as Ikea or Spotify. Like most marketing strategies, microsites can often feel like an ad campaign of sorts, focused around a branding message that is meant to increase awareness, not just of a brand, but of a particular cause. It is a way of creating engagement without the company necessarily being front-and-centre focus. As company websites often represent the “face” of a company, there needs to be a certain aesthetic built into a brand’s main website that showcases a broad, overarching view of their values and what that company is about. First and foremost is what the company is selling, why they’re selling it, and how the customer is able to buy it. Microsites, therefore, allow companies to branch off, usually for short term campaigns, to build platforms that require more information to communicate to a more targeted focus audience.

In essence, a microsite is a branded web page or small website that promotes a specific product, service, campaign, or event. They employ different domain names, or subdomains from the company’s main website, usually including a link to the main site. Aesthetically, a microsite tends to feature a departure from the company’s primary look. Different colour patterns, greater interactivity, visual changes, and content differentiation are all aspects that a company could use in their microsite that would normally not be included in the main company website.

As microsites tend to be centred around campaigns, the content on these particular sites is focused on developing this particular entity. The information is not centred on the company itself, as you would not find links to the company’s organizational layout on these microsites. Instead, the information is about boosting the foundational idea of the new site, often detailing a story or experiment that speaks to the heart of the campaign.

The three best examples we have seen are from IKEA, Patagonia, and Adobe. IKEA’s Life At Home microsite blends artist photography with everyday residential living. This site platforms the stories and living spaces of everyday people from around the world. While the stories obviously involve IKEA furniture, the use of video, photos, and interviews give customers less of an idea of IKEA’s inventory than it does with the creativity of people using said inventory to build a home that speaks to their personality. Patagonia’s Blue Heart microsite reflects the company’s activism on sustainable initiatives, but narrowly focuses on one specific subject: the environmental destruction of the Balkan region caused by hydroelectric dams. Here, you can watch informative films and take collective action directly through this site. Adobe launched My Creative Type, a microsite that is pretty much an interactive quiz that allows visitors to find out what type of “creative” they are. This page is open to anyone, and is a brilliant way of marketing Adobe’s library of software used by creatives without calling attention to any of them.

How MGG Digital Uses The Microsite Concept To Work For Your Business

MGG Digital’s goal with using the microsite format is to take the tailored concept and help our customers use it to drive specifically targeted marketing strategies. Whether you want to focus on a specific product or service, or even create a campaign built around an idea, our custom microsites will amplify your brand and streamline topical communication through your new channels. Here are the functions that your tailored microsite can provide:

Exclusive Campaigns: Whether promoting a limited-time deal or highlighting niche products within your broader portfolio, your microsite will offer focused content tailored to your distinct campaign objectives. 

Exclusive Customization: As MGG Digital has done for a variety of customers in the past, we can take any current existing service that you use and tailor it to your microsite’s targeted campaign. We can deliver comprehensive, detailed messaging, optimized for Google and your social media platforms. 

Introduce New Offerings: For better or worse, the marketing landscape is becoming more algorithm based through targeted advertising. A specific microsite tailored to your exclusive needs is an ideal platform to introduce and showcase new products or services with precision and clarity. 

Special Pricing & Exclusive Login: Microsites empower businesses to tailor their messaging and offerings to specific audience segments, optimizing conversion rates and engagement levels. MGG Digital microsites can deliver personalized experiences to your customers that are subscribing to your specific campaign, not necessarily your brand as a whole. Through this functionality, we can help you create the content that resonates with your campaign’s preferences and needs. 

Experience the transformative potential of microsites with MGG Digital. We will be rolling out more features and information in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us on how we can help your business with this new service.