eCommerce Email Marketing

Reach directly into new and existing customer’s inboxes with our comprehensive email marketing solution

Your email marketing partner

Nurture customer relationships to increase sales and conversion rates. Optimize your eCommerce email campaigns to keep your brand and products top of mind and convert more sales from existing customers.

Email Automation

Our experts develop automated email workflows to meaningfully connect with consumers at any stage of the purchasing journey. Using data, purchasing history and analytics our workflows include highly optimized; pre-purchase, post-purchase and upselling emails to drive sales and increase the customer lifetime value.

eCommerce Email design

Nothing will make a consumer skip over or quickly close a marketing email than badly designed emails. Our team leverages deep data and design expertise to develop highly performing email designs equally optimized for mobile and desktop.

List Management

Growing your email marketing list is key but just as important is ensuring your list is clean and compliant. Our experts will ensure bouncebacks and spammed emails are reduced, and unsubscribe rates are lowered all while growing your audience base with high valid customers. Creating segments for the different types of customers will ensure the right content is sent to each type of customer’s inbox.

Schedule Management

Strategizing the optimal schedule for your customers, products, promotions and time of year will ensure a higher open and click rate. Our team will develop a content strategy and schedule that is tailored specifically to your customers.

Optimization and A/B testing

We do not set it and forget it, every email campaign provides deep insight into what is working and what needs to be tweaked for higher open rates. Constantly optimizing your email content and design using A/B testing will gain valuable insights into your audience.

Technology Partners

Our team is familiar with all of the top Email marketing platforms including klaviyo, MailChimp, HubSpot and Contact Contact. We will optimize your existing email marketing platform or consult on the best solution for your business.

Be where your next customers are

Get to know potential customers and introduce them to your products with a personalized eCommerce approach.