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Mason PC and Markably experienced a significant increase in online traffic after hiring MGG Digital Consulting to build their new website.

The sister companies were unable to funnel online leads.  Their original website was plagued by slow loading speed, consistent breakage, bugs, and a difficult to navigate layout. Target users seemed detracted to take action, if they even landed on the page in the first place.

Now, they have a vastly improved user interface, secured hosting, and a variety of features that were enough to win MGG Digital an award for “Best Law Firm Websites of 2022” from Lawyerist.com.


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About The Client

Mason PC is a trademark law consulting firm operated by Cynthia Mason. Cynthia has over 20 years of experience specializing in trademark protection. She created this business in 2014 to connect with clients and provide personalized expert help to a wide degree of small or large-scale businesses. Her services include, but not limited to:

    • Trademark Registration & Renewal
    • Trademark Consulting
    • Trademark Monitoring & Enforcement
    • Canadian Trademark Agent Services
    • Public Speaking & Online Education

Markably is Mason PC’s trademark registration arm. This site is specifically helpful in registering a business name, logo, and tagline. Cynthia Mason’s services are also available through booking with Markably.

Mason PC


Cynthia is a leading expert in one of the most important elements of a startup’s business  – trademarks. From company names, logos, taglines, to the intellectual property itself, Cynthia founded both Mason PC and Markably to make it easy for entrepreneurs to legally own their ideas. Her easy-to-book consultation process is backed up by her extensive knowledge in trademark law, which she teaches in both blog posts and public appearances.

Unfortunately, her trademark experience was muted amidst the noise of the internet. The savings Cynthia made in building a website herself turned into sales lost through a web application that could not keep up with the ever changing online landscape. Long loading times, unsecured hosting, poor search engine optimization, and broken links created a user experience that not only couldn’t attract customers, it drove away anyone who accidentally landed on their page. Cynthia knew this needed to change, which is why she called us.

After a consultation and detailed assessment, we put into place a pathway to ensure her web application was the main driver for her business growth. This meant building an optimized, secure, and easy-to-navigate platform that clearly communicated the goals of her business and guided users directly to her booking system.

User Interface

We redesigned their home page to create an aesthetically pleasing user experience that highlighted pertinent information, organized for easy navigation.

Brand Development

Our goal was to strategically design a website that impressed upon its users an image of the business’ cordiality, listing services that directly communicated the company’s objective to provide its clients with comprehensive trademark legal services. In order to achieve this, we worked with Mason PC to ensure the website attracted the target market of founders and CEOs looking to legally protect their brand. Design changes ranged from as specific as changing the Page Title to immediately identify the brand’s specialization as “Trademark Lawyer Canada” to more complex search engine optimization.

We also built two separate websites for each company, since the companies themselves have different purposes.

Secure AWS Hosting

We improved the speed and functionality of the web page, removing the bugs, dead links, etc. We ensured that all information flowing across the website from all regions to our site’s data center is automatically encrypted

CALENDLY Integration

The key feature for enabling Mason PC & Markably to grow their client base was creating a modern scheduling platform to give their team of specialists an easy-to-access resource to structure their work day. This was easily solved by integrating the Calendly software into the website, which will allow interested parties to quickly schedule a meeting with a specialist. 

User Experience

Both Mason PC and Markably websites showcase our effectiveness at creating an easy to use, engaging experience for the end user. We mix visuals, text, and calls to action to focus the user on key areas of interest: 

    • Introduction to the business
    • Services the business provides
    • Testimonials & Recognizable Brand Logos that work with the business
    • Further Resources to explore
    • Final call to action
    • Contact Information

SEO Content

With the goal of having Mason PC & Markably’s services ranking in the top ten results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing, we employed a number of our own tactics to ensure an optimized web page. These include, but not limited to:

    • On-page SEO crafted meta content with keywords and evergreen content
    • Technical SEO on-site audits to determine bounce rate, load speed, and security
    • WordPress Development with WooCommerce plug-in to process money transactions made it easier for us to structure, public, manage content, and process payments 
    • Google PageSpeed Insights 90+ to analyze web traffic and web speed
    • Conversion Rate Optimization with calls to action, email communication, and funnel-stage targeting to drive traffic to scheduling consulting calls with the business 
“Mike and his team at MGG Digital Consulting have built two websites for my businesses, Mason PC and Markably, and the experience has been far superior to every other website we have ever built with other companies. Mike is an excellent project manager with a vast knowledge of digital marketing strategies. More importantly, he’s transparent and reasonable with the options, prices and timelines. Mike is the partner that you want to get your business found online!”

Cynthia Mason, Founder and CEO, Mason PC & Markably

Mason PC


While we pride ourselves in our design expertise and optimization tactics, we measure the success of our work by how it improves our clients’ business growth. By tracking specifically chosen conversion metrics, we can assess the number of new clients gained by the business as well as the percent increases in web traffic. 

In the case of Mason PC & Markably, we helped them achieve not only a substantial increase in new clientele, but a measured increase in lead generation through new web traffic. We built a user friendly, fast, and secure application using our expertly innovative processes. 

We also enjoyed accolades as one of the “Best Law Firm Websites of 2022”, awarded by Lawyerist.com.

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