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Instachange Displays Limited (IDL) enjoyed an increase in sales and a rise in their online engagement after consulting with MGG Digital’s full service eCommerce solutions.

Through innovation, speed, customization, low cost manufacturing, and solutions built to simplify supply chains, IDL has become a trusted source among brick and mortar retailers. With their customer needs in mind, the company wanted to ensure that their B2B online application was working at its optimal level.

MGG Digital provided them with a plan and measurable results.


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About The Client

IDL Displays is a Canadian-owned business leader in visual merchandising. Their Newmarket head office and warehouse provides an extensive selection of POP (point-of-purchase) displays and accessories. For 45 years, IDL has supplied high quality, low cost, and environmentally sustainable display products to retailers, restaurants, and a variety of creative service suppliers. Displays built using IDL products can be found everywhere.


Important to IDL was creating an online experience that provided the same level of high customer service you would get via in-person shopping. To do that, they needed an online portal that reflected a key element to their success: personalization. “80% of consumers are (reportedly) more likely to do business with a company that offers personalized experiences,” asserts IDL in a recent LinkedIn post. For MGG Digital Consulting, this meant building a complete application from the ground up, customized to IDL’s personal needs.

IDL has enjoyed 45 years as a global leader in visual merchandising. Their industry knowledge, manufacturing facilities, and constant innovation has allowed them to build a large selection of products that serve businesses in various industries such as graphic displays, signage displays, factories, schools, hospitals, and informative literature displays.

In assessing IDL’s old platform, MGG Digital found that the company was losing traction on Google, and had fallen behind on current web development technologies. Losing web traffic or potential sales isn’t always noticeable at first, but if not addressed, it can lead to a substantial impact on a business’ growth. With IDL’s trust in our holistic digital solutions, MGG Digital was able to make recommendations and build a strategy that would further engage and deliver on meeting the needs of IDL’s customer base.

B2B eCommerce Build with Magento

We do our research in selecting the right platform that will work best for your business, and in the case of IDL, we knew that the features of Magento 2’s open source hosting capabilities would be best suited for the company. Especially in the B2B space, Magento 2 is built to handle high speed traffic for scalable businesses.

The ease at which we were able to translate IDL’s entire ordering process while integrating their pre-existing accounting and inventory infrastructure allowed for maximum optimization of the buying experience. IDL customers are able to enjoy a reliable online ordering portal that is regularly maintained by MGG Digital.

LinkedIn Content Marketing

Content marketing through LinkedIn has a very specific purpose: to increase engagement with your products from your targeted audience. MGG Digital produces quality content that showcases your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness as an industry leader. By posting regularly, we increase audience engagement and conversion rates, all while boosting your ranking in searches and Google SERP.

With a new LinkedIn post every week, MGG Digital has been able to provide IDL’s customers with informative and engaging articles about creatively implementing AI into your store, creating ethically sustainable retail practices, using various in-store displays to influence customer buying decisions, and making more personalized recommendations to your customers.

eCommerce Marketing

Online marketing requires smart development of all aspects of your online presence. This includes building an optimized, easily accessible, and responsive website, which we achieved through our Magento eCommerce build. One great feature of using Magento is that they have on-demand performance testing to detect, troubleshoot, and resolve any issues that could compromise the speed and functionality of the user experience.

We also frequently perform assessments of analytics and A/B testing of conversion strategies, which we then provide our findings to IDL Displays.

In conjunction with our LinkedIn marketing strategies, we create informative content for IDL across all social media platforms to generate new potential leads.

eCommerce Email Marketing

High conversion rates are a key component to all of our consulting strategies. Our design experts paired with our data specialists produce aesthetically pleasing, device-friendly emails that directly generate sales from IDL’s customer base.

IDL’s email list is maintained through segmentation (sending the right content to customers who have either made a purchase, considering a purchase, and/or can be upsold). Bouncebacks and spam are reduced, while email sign up links are strategically placed on IDL’s website and in the content we produce for them.

MGG Digital produces a high email open rate using platforms like Mailchimp, where we generate an optimal release schedule for content and promotions to IDL’s customer base.

SEO Digital Marketing

IDL ranks in all global and local searches for visual merchandising. Our keyword optimization, conversion rate strategies, and multi-channel reach have shown a measured increase in IDL’s brand awareness, both on social media and through increased organic web traffic.

We have also earned IDL’s trust in the performance of our SEO strategies, particularly through a consistently increasing click through rates and the continued performance of evergreen content.

Promo Management

Using a variety of LinkedIn posts, email blasts, and content marketing, MGG Digital creates monthly promotional campaigns to boost IDL’s sales, increase their conversion rates, and attract new customers.

With flexible strategies to adapt to your brand, we employ ongoing analytics, A/B testing, as well as custom landing pages, all optimized for SEO and managed in real time.

eCommerce Integration with ERP

Connecting IDL’s front end eCommerce website with their enterprise resource planning process has allowed IDL to meet the large orders being placed by their growing customer base while seamlessly managing their inventory.

“Mike is our go-to trusted digital partner. No matter what the requirement, he finds the best and most cost-effective solutions. His technical knowledge and marketing skills are greatly valued by IDL.”

Mike Drinkwater General Manager, IDL Displays

Mason PC


By applying a design-led approach focused on lead generation and a user friendly interface, IDL is one of our most loyal clients. They have allowed us to take digital management to an entirely new level.

Through handling all aspects of their digital needs, MGG Digital Consulting is not just able to grow IDL’s business, but to understand what keeps their existing customers coming back as well as what will attract new ones. This understanding creates a stronger dialectic between us and the company as we can confidently provide feedback while proposing more effective marketing strategies.

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