Web Accessibility for AODA

What does this mean for you and your business’s website?

Your Web Accessibility agency.

The need to have an accessible website should be your top priority today. The main factor driving this need has been the increase in web accessibility lawsuits. In what legal experts have called a litigation tsunami, it’s mostly small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that have been hit with thousands of lawsuits and demand letters relating to website accessibility over the past 2 years. This increase in cases has triggered an alarm for SMBs and even prompted the National Retail Federation to issue a warning to businesses urging them to start taking web accessibility seriously.

Protect your brand and business from legal action

With legal risks increasing, smart businesses are creating accessibility policies and programs to mitigate risk to protect both their brand, assets and their reputations. With exponential growth in web accessibility, legal actions have a widespread effect across industries, with small and medium businesses in the center. Lawsuit numbers are estimated to continue to increase as the need to enable accessible digital experiences becomes more prominent.

Advantages of Web Accessibility Compliance

Having an accessible website and supporting digital equality is not just good karma, it’s good for business, too. In 2019, disabled Americans spent more than $200 billion online in discretionary spending. With COVID-19, online sales and orders increased dramatically. No matter the industry you’re in, your organization is likely to engage with customers of all abilities online.

Cost Effective AODA Compliance

accessiBe uses an automated, AI-powered solution that tracks changes on your website and makes it compliant 24/7 without making any changes to your existing or future versions of your website. Don’t spend thousands of dollars changing how your website looks and works which is also not ideal for your business.

accessiBe -> accessWidget

MGG Digital has partnered with the world renowned AI powered Web Accessibility tool accessiBe. This tool allows users who have accessibility issues to access the site in the way they need to by using the accessWidget without making any changes to your website at all! Keep in mind that people with disabilities make up 20% of the population. Check out the icon in the bottom left corner of the MGG Digital website to try the accessWidget our yourself!

Free Compliance Audits

Contact MGG Digital to receive your free AODA compliance audit showing exactly what you would need to update on your site. With the use of the accessiBe widget you will not need to change your website once you add this tool to your website. Take a quick look at the demo video here.

Contact us now to easily become AODA complaint

We will run a free audit and take care of sign-up and installation of the accessiBe tool.